Thursday, October 1, 2009

Demo - Top Hat Oil painting

I've done Demos on my Other Blog and I was asked to do one of an American Indian painting.

First I do a drawing on tracing paper that is the same size as the canvas. Then with carbon paper I transfer the image to my canvas

Step 1. In this step I refined my drawing and block in the background color and the red and the blue.

Step 2. After the first layer has dried, I did an underpainting with raw umber to define the lights and darks. I also added some lights to the background

Step 3. Still using the raw umber and white, I put more detail in the face, and feathers. I started painting the hat, the emblem and the starred fabric.

Next: I'll add color to the face and continue adding details


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like your work and it's great to get an insight into how you create.

  2. Thanks Gareth. I'm planning on posting the finished painting this weekend

  3. Thank you for giving us an insight to your development of a painting. Wonderful work.

  4. Thanks Lokelani. I love seeing how other artists create their work


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