Monday, June 3, 2013

On the Fringe by K Henderson

On the Fringe, oil on linen, 40 x 30

This Cowgirl oil painting is my most recent in my Silver Screen Cowgirl series. Don't you love those crazy fringed cowhide cuffs? I can't get enough of the retro cowgirl style.

I love Western Movies especially those with Classy Cowgirls. The sepia tone brings back the feeling of the Saturday Matinee western serial.

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  1. Very beautiful! I had a red and white cowgirl suit when I was around 5 y.o. I call it my Annie Oakley suit. :)

    1. I remember playing 'Cowboys and Indians' as a kid but I don't think I had any cool outfit. I had to wait til I was grown up before I got the outfit!

  2. Stunning as is all of your work my dear!! I rem Ms Russell very father loved the old western movies so we were forced to watch them too...:-) I rem a photo of hers lying in a bed of straw...quite the pin-up!!


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