Monday, September 20, 2010

A Recent Question - Eagle Feathers

I recently had someone ask this question:

Q.I think the feathers in some of your paintings seem to be too large in relation to the man or woman's size. My eagle feathers aren't that big. Just wondering. By the way I think you're beautiful so this is kind of a backward compliment.

A.I always thought that I was exaggerating the size of the feathers (artistic license, LOL) but take a look at this photo I recently came across) WOW! Those are some feathers! Can you imagine the size of that bird?

Any other question? I'll be happy to give my opinion


  1. That's a really cool photo :) I bet that headress weighs a tone!!

  2. I think that Eagle was from Alaska, as the dropout feathers I see on the beaches are very long.

  3. Thanks for that info. I'll do some further research on that.

  4. (I think you're pretty good looking, too)
    Your art is a gift from God.


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