Monday, September 13, 2010

Plains Indian Bladder Bag

Plains Indian Bladder Bag
, 10 x 9, oil on board © K. Henderson

In the past, no part of a harvested animal went to waste. Bags like this were made from the bladder of an elk or deer. They could be highly decorated with quillwork and beads and might be carried on a belt. They were used to carry Quills or other small maker supplies and other small objects.


  1. Kay,
    I had seen some of your works in galleries I visited, before I knew who you were.
    Your work touches me, and others I reckon, deep in the soul.
    I hope the Lord blesses me with the financial ability to say to you, "I want THAT one!" and buy it.
    Dennis Knill

  2. Thanks Quickdraw. I hope you become rich a famous with your music (or in any other way)!


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