Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daughter of the Sun


Daughter of the Sun, 14" x 11", oil on board

The Sun’s daughter was killed by a rattle snake. When the Sun went into her daughter’s house and found her dead, she was so grieved that she refused to come out. It was dark all the time.

The People were told that they must go to the Ghost Country and bring back the Daughter. They must put her in a box, and no matter what, they must not open the box until they returned home.

When the Daughter was put in the box, she begged and begged to be released. Finally, the Men, fearing that she was really dying, opened the box just a bit to give her air. There was a fluttering sound and a Redbird appeared in the bushes. The men quickly closed the lid but it was too late.

So, know we know that the Redbird is the Daughter of the Sun. If the Men had kept the box closed as they were told to and brought the Daughter home safely, we could bring back our friends from the Ghost Country, but now when they die, we can never bring them back.

The Sun was still grieved but The People sent their best and most beautiful dancers to entertain her and she was happy.


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