Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Honor by K Henderson

Honor, 30 x 30, oil on linen

This Plains Indian wears an eagle feather headdress or War Bonnet, a painted buckskin shirt and a silver Thunder Bird.

Feathered war bonnets are worn by honored Plains Indian men. The bonnet had to be earned through brave deeds in battle and each feathers signified the deeds themselves.

The golden eagle, also known as the “war eagle,” is particularly associated with warriors and courage in battle, and it is golden eagle feathers that were earned by Plains Indian men as war honors and worn in their feather headdresses.
The Eagle flies higher and sees better than any other bird. Therefore, its perspective is different from other creatures that are held close to the Earth. The Eagle serves as a messenger between humans and the Creator. The Creator chose the Eagle to be the leader of all the birds... the Master of the Sky.


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