Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cowgirl Dreams

Cowgirl Dreams, oil on linen, 24 x 18

This painting is another in my series of Silver Screen Cowgirls. This little lady wears a hat, gauntlets, scarf and western shirt. The sepia tones brings us back to the times before Cowgirls were in Technicolor.


  1. Wow, very nice. Have you been to the cowgirl museum in Santa Fe?

  2. Beautiful paintings of Indian faces. How historically correct are they? And how are we to know their tribes?
    Many thanks for any information.
    Anaïs Laurent, gallery director in Switzerland

  3. They are historically correct. I purposely keep the tribe vague. There is usually nothing 'tribal specific' about any painting. I consider them Generic Plains Indians. The tribes traded with each other from very early times.The French began trading with the Indians in the 1500's. So while some ceremonial clothing and adornment remained tied to one tribe, other clothing did not. Also, small tribes that were related by a common language often joined together to make a larger tribe thus blurring the lines even further. Hope that answers your question.


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