Friday, March 30, 2012

A New Dawn

A New Dawn, 28 x 22, oil on linen

A young Plains Indian warrior prepares for a new day. He wears a beaded, eagle feather bonnet and a red scarf. His hair is tied in Trade Cloth. His face is painted with white clay. A red tear symbolizes those that have fallen in battle.

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  1. I like your Blog...Can u tell me why he put white clay on his face because the other day i saw 1 man ,his face was like this too..all white color...I love Feathers people...

    1. American Indians painted their faces for decorative purposes and for protection against the wind, sun, snow and insects. Designs of various kinds were used to designate membership in certain societies, to prepare for ceremonies, to mark achievement and to mourn the dead. When used for personal ornamentation there was no guide to the way the paint should be applied beyond the fancy of the wearer or for personal identification.


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